Why I'm falling in love with Bjork [ french version ]

Many disappointment have had a great impact on my life; I Thought I would have to give up search of absolute love when an option suddenly occurred.

To be in love with a star

In our mind, there's sometimes little difference between a true person and a fictive one; we see the other people only through the prism of our desires and our fantasy, true characters or fictive ones come out from imagination. Every meeting, all the more every love at first sight, find their origin in the complex web of pictures and dreams which are in our mind. Although a love relationship can sometimes deals with too mundane reality, it can never totally conform to it; Consequently, this relation is immediately destined for failure.

That's why, convinced of the existence of a deep equivalence between the illusion of love and the love of illusion, it's seem to me that going over a temporary illusion to a permanent one (assumed fiction due to destiny) is absolutely possible and even beneficial.

That's how the idea of being in love with a star stands out and it had, at least, the advantage of being based on the imagination, and by the way, of scrupulously complying with it.

Here, the idea is being in love with Bjork, a very talented singer.

Being in love with Bjork ? or being in love with a some girl ? Basically, there's little difference; in the first case, I can only see advantages, in the other one, only the ineluctable disappointment.

Here are some details. For four or five years now, Bjork's songs, her voice, her presence have been in my joys and my sorrows, producing without my knowing, a strong and affective dependence, and nourishing a poetical experiment that I'm working on at the same time.

During that time, unlike the brief loves I was used to, a true fidelity binds me to Bjork (her songs, her music, her voice... the dreams) and leads me to think in my heart, what seemed to be an simple game.

I'm not strictly a fan of Bjork; I'm too old now, the admiration I'm feeling for Bjork doesn't lead me to fanaticism, I do not aim at sharing a true relationship with her. I love her, knowing all this is only a soft speculation of my mind.

Let's Beatrice lead us into Dante's wonderful hell !


We can consider that loving a star means condemning ourselves (damning would be a better word) to a love which leads nowhere. We can also consider that there isn't a purer love than the love ones gives without waiting anything in return.

Without being able of clearly explaining it, since love is a kind of blindness, in that case, I'd prefer having my eyes burnt by a shining star...

Let's add that we can't nourish important love relationships and then reduce them to simple libidinous relationships. An absolute love deserves a commitment equal to this absolute love, it would be out of question to bring all these considerations back to the same level as conventional human relationships.

It's only in a state close to wide-awake dream and under the effect of imagination that such a love can grow and open up. Illusion can be disastrous if it's a degenerated form of fiction, that is to say, a mental and emotional tool in a dream. On the contrary, this fiction can even restore an harmony between the possible and the "improbable".

Limit of an absolute love

Such an absolute love does not make inevitably indifferent to any partner and does not make either unable of any relations, one can always have profane sexual relations or tiny love, but from now on, one is sure to preserve in his heart more sacred feelings. Dissociating mental projection and the everyday life, set up a balance ever reached, for the fiction is a reality differently more fertile than the actions painfully accomplisshed in the sphere of the contingent world.


I love Bjork...

A song, an image or a video are enough to make your heart's desire so present than a real woman.

Bjork is not the only goddess in the Phanteon of pleasant women, but she illuminates my heart an calms down my soul more than any other.

all is full of love... all...


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