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to declare one's love to bjork (if you're like me a silly romantic boy)
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From: karen valbuena [yulikvalbumon@hotmail.com]
adoro a bjork, me transporta con su musica a lugares que mucha gente cree
que no existen, pero que estan ahi....
From: stephan [bjorkyso@hotmail.com]
Bjork you don't know me...You will surely never meet me...I'm one of your
greatest fan...You are the silence in my storm and the light in my storm...
Thounsands of kilometers are between us...But I promise to cross the world
just to see you once in my life for real...Am I just a dreamer...I think so...Since
my life is a nightmare...In my dreams I dream of you since I believe in
you...This is all I can do...There's nothing left to say...
From: peter [peterleonard1@hotmail.com]
Its not her looks ; its not her sound ; its not her lyrics ; its HERSELF. She
represents all the magical, mystical, musical , and lots more qualitys this world,
( and certanly myself ) needs !!!!!
From: catherine salinas rivero [cathy-hxc-8@hotmail.com]
bjork es mi kantante preferida me encanta komo es sus kanciones ,como se
viste es demaciada original y por eso me gusta.tiene mucho estilo, es
demaciada bakan.sobretodo sus videos komo esos no hay. viva
bjork....................................................... viva.
From: ingibjorg []
dear bjork; if you ever read this, (because i know there's not a chance in hell of
me ever meeting you, and even if i do i'll be too scared to talk to you!) i just
want to personally thank you with all my heart for writing jķga, hyperballad, all
is full of love, unravel and sonnets/unrealities XI - the most beautiful songs of
yours that i have heard yet. as a fellow icelander you make me so proud of my
roots and background and i want you to know that so many people literally owe
their lives and mental health to you and your amazing music! i hope you'll stay
around forever and continue to make beautiful art for all of us hopeless fans
out there!
From: Henk [electric_vibes4u@hotmail.com]
In my eye's björk is one of the best artists around, if your sensitive to things
you can so easy fall in love with her music and her lyrics. the way she thinks
and puts stuff together, the way she can sings ... Wow ... amazing!! She
resembles my life & thoughts in so many ways ... everysong is another part of

Björk your the best !!

Heureux de voir que je ne suis pas le seul ā adore la petite étoile islandaise,
qui nous manque sur scčne.
En ce qui me concerne, Pagan Poetry a été un choc musical, cette musique
roulante, rythmée, qui respire et reprend son souffle, dramatique et douce...
bref Björk quoi
From: eCATE [ecATE69@hotmail.it]
well i know bjork very deeply..i think better than my own mother..but the
greater thing, apart from her amazing/powerful voice, that makes me love her
is the fact she's the fusion of image, art, color, voice, rhythm and being..and, i
suppose..that's her power..beauty..herself! that's all....it's not so easy to
understand bjork.. 'cause her being is difficult to have been seen because it's
her own being....that only she understands...but misunderstandings are always
handsome!! XD....

From: steve,[drop that poem writer0 [wizzz_w@hotmail.com]
beatles pink floyd led zep and finally BJORK my music taste now completely
changed i am 52. but you made me feel 20 again. with your cutting edge
music, no rules no wayout. i'm hopelessly now ..hooked forever.love steve
From: Dawn [imfamousiq2@yahoo.com]
When i first saw Bjork it wasnt Bjork but a girl whos name i cant remember and it was at
night she whore a long flowing saran type dress sheer and all wearing a gold arm band
around her arm but the girl was cute as could be. The girl was just a friend of a friend
at the friends house of my friend and I could not ever forget her vision.She was not bjork
but could easily be mistaken as and she spoke of bjork that night it was around 1991. I
found bjork music slowly through the years while people i was surrounded with could not
understand this facination of mine. It was not the girl, but the mystique.
The lyrics that constantly made you listen.Not only could you bear with her broken english
but you could feel exactly what she was saying even if she really wasnt saying anything at
all. The emotion that she has confirmed,that not only was i not alone but
surrounded.Projected emotion maybe. But really,she had it to a science with out even
trying but oh, when ..the empidimy of adoration we seem to explore with this life long
relationship with her voice and lyrics are truely magnificent in every fashion. thankyou
girl that night at the private party in 1991 for leading the way. bjork your incredible
thankyou >shout out to Jack Coverdale worked
for nasa at the time for taking me on a date that night.
Dawn-Houston,Tx :+*+:wish i could remember the name of the club that night, i was only 15
From: Carl []
The Fanatic
My heart is fit to burst, over flowing in love for you,
The tears are only a sign that my love for you is true,
My hand shades my eyes in shame for you might see,
This undieing declaration that seeps from me for thee,
Could it be that we passed by in some unaccountable non reality,
And we did share like sex all our vanities,
Wading through the tourent of our aspiration and dreams,
This love "Dear Love" is my nemesis, all is as it seems,
I cant wake from dreaming, though I hear the alarm bell ring,
It always this way, until I hear you sing.

From: steve []
bjork you stop the hursting and take me to that hidden place.....
From: Rina []
I was a 10-yr-old kid when i first saw 'Joga' video.Back then I wasn't really paying
attention to her,but seven years later I met a friend who's an avid fan of her.She assured
me to buy Medulla,and right after the last song on the album,I've been charmed to be a new
devoted fan of her.
I really liked the way she expressed herself without being affected by whomever and
whatsoever.The sense of style.The music.The thoughts she spoke on interviews.The quirky
aura of her Icelandic-ness (she really triggered me to learn Icelandic right now).And her
charm that been evergreen.She made me thankful and proud for being her fan.
From: Jeff []
I wasn't a big fan until the last few years. Something magical about her voice and songs
which is deeper than anyone else I've heard. Am I in love with her? YES, but not in a
fanatical or worrisome way :-)
She is something of a dream, a guide and inspiration to me. A reminder that life is a
fantastic and beautiful, a sometimes hard and dangerous thing. She moves me more than any
woman I've known, sometimes earthly and solid, other times ethereal and spiritual. Her
obsessions and life are on her albums, and this hits home at my heart.
The knowledge that I will probably never meet her and that this love is a complete dead
end are irrelevent to me. Her image and my idea of her is more than any mortal could live
up to anyway. Long may she keep bringing us her music and affecting us all.

From: Lauren Arnold []
Aww your Venus as a Boy... Well to start I am not in love with Bjork but on the other hand
her message is everything I am and stand for spitually and mentally. I wish there where
more like it but unfortunately there isn't. All her songs have such an illumiating
message, the words continue to open up to me the more I listen. When I listen to her my
hairs stand on end and I feel her words they are so moving. I try to get others into her
but they aren't receiving the same message that I do(closed minded freaks). Her message of
love, understanding, letting go,longing to be apart of the greater unknown, life and the
beauty that surrounds it, the energy pouring out in all that is living. What a great
message. My hope is that more artists,people with similar views come to the front and help
turn this greedfull, hatefull world upside down but for now atleast we have bjork:)and a
select few others (we had Tim Leary but he's another story)
From: MORPHIDAE [soundtrackfinder@yahoo.com]
I JUST LOVE HER!!! She`s my inspiration, an important part of my life, and
I`m trying to spread her music to the rest of the world. I hope you want to do
this too. Shč`s so amazing, her music always surprises me with something
new, even the old songs of her have something different and special every
time I her them.

From: gaelle []
NO love declaration
she do it better hersef

From: Corey a.k.a. R3MOT3CONTROL [split_seed_7@yahoo.com]

From: Rooster []
I'm a recent Bjork fan but am TOTALLY captivated by her. Amazing how
Americans really haven't caught on the way the rest of the world has. (I am an
american). I put the songs from the "Dancer In The Dark" DVD soundtrack on
limewire. Go get 'em! They're pretty different from Selmasongs. Would love to
find a complete chronilogical discography. Needless to say .. I want to hear
everything this amazing talented girl has done.
From: Genevičve [minnette24@hotmail.com]
hi! I am from Canada and I only discovered Bjork when I watched her
performance at the Olympic Games...then I watched Dancer in the Dark in my
cinema class and...BOUM! Im totally addicted! She is just sooo talented and
different! There's no words to describe my feelings for her...whatever she does
she is a genius and she is my muse! I listen to her music approximately 15
hours a day and watched Dancer in the dark, the beautifulest movie on earth, 2
times a week hihi! I'm just totally in love with her as a person, an artist and as
a indeniably brilliant woman!
From: Ganapathi Raju Kalidindi [gpraju@gmail.com]
I am 46 years old from India. In this part of world it's very difficult to get Bjork
albums. Somehow i am able to lay my hands on them. I can't tell about how
great Bjork's songs are. Every time something new to interpret and enjoy her
natural musical feelings and passion. Every time i listen or see her video it
makes me feel myself very special, listening to her songs makes me feel
myself proud and my day beautiful.

Love you bjork for whatever you have done to us. God bless you.
From: steve []
i just watched the conert at the royal opera house. somehow, she touches
something very deep inside... and i feel reminded of... doing the wrong things
every day. not supposed to. who am i, anyways?
From: Mike [iaoscrisis@yahoo.com]
My god, I just adore Björk. Every one of her songs touches an emotion of
mine. I listen to her for six hours every day, and whenever I'm feeling
depressed just a listen to "It Oh So Quiet" or "Hyperballad" will erase any
negative feelings. Ever since they mentioned AIFOL on I Love the 90's Part
Deux, I've been totally capitaved, for I can listen to no one but Björk. I
currently have over 600 Björk songs and that number leaves me unsatisfied. I
have made it my mission to educate the people ignorant of Björk, for she is
truely is a genious and the most important person making music in the world.
From: Chels [chels@fewpb.net]
HEY! I'm a HUGE fan of Bjork, so I sat up my own group WHICH I REALLY,
join this group, the more fans the better!!!!


PEACE & LOVE <3!!!
Chels <3
From: Samson []
Just listened to Joga about 25-30 times on loop. Only just started really listening to her
music wow guess I'm hooked. One of the most if not quite possibly the most beutiful woman
my eyes have ever and will ever see too.
From: AlaN []
Bjork rules

From: Daphne Evera []
Thank you for clips! I'm really happy that I've found them at last!
From: Ryan []
I am in love with Bjork. She is the most beutiful woman alive. I only wish I could be so
lucky as to kiss here just once. She is amazing.
From: lucy []
bjork fucking rocks, and her music captivates me so much. She has amazing ideas within her
music, i absoloutely love joga as well , no song has emotionally captivated me as much as
that one i dont think aww i just lurrve her.

From: isaac []
From: isaac []
From: lamira [pachucos@argentina.com]
feel the music - feel inspired . feel connected * feel love :::

music . bjork . I love you.
From: superoligodendrocito [neuromarin@hotmail.com]
I believe there's nothing beyond, the time and space goes to the end when
you hear Björk, I need the "Who is it" video, really, please.
I need Björk, to contact her somehow, and if someone could help me please...
From: jeremy [jermalerba@hotmail.com]
my extraterrest singer i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: vasilis gr [vasidis@yahoo.gr]
What can i say about her? i'm a big fan since post! I have more than 50 cds &
10 dvds (missing play dead but i will survive) She is a great artist and her
videos are AMAZING!
From: manuel [manuel86bj@hotmail.com]
bjork is an inspiration in my life, I have bjork music's addicition, shes very
emotional an sexy, i love it, she makes all the things in a mode that nobody
can do it. from colombia with love.
From: TOM []
From: Grrammmpa Spatula []
Bjork is a Goddess of sound and sight. she moves beauty with her luminous
beams of soft nourishing light around anything she touches. I only wish I could
smell her. But I can imagine. G.S.
From: Marz [phatcattle@hotmail.com]
Where is Bjork? How do you find your inspiration if it travels? It would take too
long to explain but her music literally saved my life almost three years ago. I
have spent every moment since then attempting to solve the world's problem
from a perspective of great magnitude. I owe it to her. But now I sit in a
basement surrounded by the answer in various forms of art and writing. All I
want to do is to hand it all to her and say "Thank You" but how do you find
someone like her? Can someone please help me? A secure mailing address,
anything....MUCH LOVE.
From: Jyrki Brusell []
Nice to see pictures from Björk :-)
I'm always in need for new Björk-wallpaper for my computer :-)

...and greetings from Finland...
From: superoligodendrocito [neuromarin@gmail.com]
Hi, i've met björk just a few months ago because I don't like to listen music,
there's so much shit.
I met Björk and believe me, There's a lot.
I need a video "who is it" please, it lovely
From: martin [please_rub_my_korn@hotmail.com]
bjork is not pretty when you first look at her.
watch soem of her videos and listen to her music
then shell be pretty. and shes got big nipples.
From: Jhonny Stecchino []
I love Bjork but my note is regarding something quite different. Hypothetically--- I was
wondering if Bjork and Tom York (of Radiohead) were to produce offspring, would it produce
a master race of musical geniuses capable of world domination by touching everyones souls
with their music?

From: jeffery []
I'd do her.
From: SandraMJ []
my e mail is mj_bigfan@yahoo.com
Love bjork forever !!!
From: SandraMJ [mj_bigfan]
My name is Sandra,I am from Serbia,13 years old.I am new fan too.
I think Bjork is very special,talented and beautiful...She is very diffrent then
other female singers,and I like this.I own
Debut,Post,Telegram,Homogenic,Selmasongs,Vespertine,Greatest hits,It's in
our hands the single,Debut live and Medulla. My favourite songs are
Pluto,Hidden place, Enjoy,and many many more.......
Anyway,I just want to tell that Bjork changed me completly and I'm falling in
love with her......She is just....awsome!
I would like very much to have contact with some fans,so pls contact me ,ok?
P.S. This site is great !

From: nack []
Bjork I love you .
From: Courtney [courtney_trathan@hotmail.com]
Bjork is lovely. Everything she has produced has communicated with my
fluttering little heart. She is the most remarkable person to observe. She is a
true poet and performer. Her attachment to her songs is just beautiful and
something that is so very rare. What I love about her in particular is that she is
so daring, so perceptive, so individual and so creative. Bjork has the amazing
ability to connect with people through a scream, a whisper....a single note. Her
lyrics are like Shakespeare to the ears. So elegant. So wildly human. Each song
is like a story that forces you to feel and allows you to see the world and
yourself a little bit clearer. Bjork is definately one in a million and a blissfully
mental woman that I shall allways love and admire. I am truely fortunate to
have been introduced to the music of such a skilled artist. Many thanks and
much love from your adoring fans, Bjork. You are the epitome of sparkling
From: mamoru [metro_batu@ttnet.com]
i'm a young fan have 14 years i admire her i want medulla in turkey!!!!
From: mamoru []
...iloveher...iloveher...iloveher...iloveher... i'm from turkey medullla isn't saled
here i have homogenic greatest hits and telegram they're unbelieveble i saw
her when i was watchin the olympics and i fell in love she's very very beautiful
and smart and creative and everything i can't explain how i love her...i only
love her...
From: christina [kharma12@hotmail.com]
i cant even put into words how i feel about bjork. she is beautiful sensual
awesome and has the most amazing voice i have heard in my life. so much
voice for such a tiny little woman and she can fight too. who saw when she
beat up that photographer!!!!!!!!!! her music is like the soundtrack to my life.
she is sexy but in a different than i want you in my bed way. i want to marry
her and have all of her children. I LOVE HER AND HER DONT GIVE A SHIT
Ok, ok I have seen her 2 music videos from her cd Medulla (who is it and
oceania), but i cant wait till her new one called triumph of a heart. It is
suppposed to be really good and has a plot and everything, and it is coming
out in Feburary, so i will see it online in school when it does **YAAAAYY!**
From: Angel Bjork Vestinese' [Safronia2003@aol.com]
My mother loved Bjork sooo much that my middle name is Bjork, I know
nothing about Bjork, but she looks soo much like me its not even funny.
Ps. Is she from Iceland, because if she is, we must really be related.
Sincerly, Angel B. Vestinese', age 13
From: Erika []
I love her, I'm in love... yay! she's so beautiful, sweet, inocent, special,
unique, original, extravagant, weird in a good way, I just LOVE her and I love
her music as well. LOVE FROM ARGENTINA.
From: neida [neidab76@hotmail.com]
hola mujer de tierra, es fascinante encontrarse con musica hecha por una
mujer que existe en este planeta.

From: neida [neidab76@hotmail.com]
hola mujer de tierra, es fascinante encontrarse con musica hecha por una
mujer que existe en este planeta.

From: Dave []

I declare my love to Bjork... Aw shit, I can't be poetic.

Bjork Rocks, and of couse she is beautiful :-P.....
From: Shane [Smik0123@aol.com]
I am writing this in pig latin---
Iway eallyray ovelay orkbjay. Eshay isway awsomeway. Iway ovelay erhay
olewhay odybay, andway everythingway aboutway erhay. Ouyay ancay eelfay
eefray otay emailway emay anyway imetay ouyay antway otay alktay aboutway
orkbjay (orway owhay to eadray igpay atinlay!).
From: ANDREW [allheresucks@hotmail.com]
HAS BEEN NOT MORE, (i don`t know if it`s good writting), i get to said i adore
bjork,,,... and his voice........... byee friends.....
From: Alex Harrah [alexharrah@ev1.net]
I am one of Bjorks older fans (52) and also a new fan . I fell in love with her
after seeing her indepth interview with charlie rose, I still watch it from time to
I did'nt know much about her before that except what I have seen on the news
mostly negative ie: her out fits, her attacking the reporter at airport etc.
But what I saw was someone very articulate, smart, funny ,cute as hell!
even if I don,nt totally get her music I am learning, I do get passion which
she deffinatly has and a good work etic. I like how family friends are important.
i am more a admirer of the person Bjork I love to listen to her talk i have
wathed that tape so much its wearing out. I too have marched to my own
drumer myself , I have been involved for the last 15 years making (ART CARS)
My last one I sold to the Art Car Museum in Houston Texas. As Bjork would
say(blowing my own trumpet) but not to much.
your new fan friend admirer
Alex Harrah
From: Usagi [Jannahmay@hotmail.com]
well im a new fan i guess you could say i admire her so much her attitude
towards music and especially her style. i admire the fact that she doesnt care
about what people think and say about her. i like that shes very beautiful!
she is from now on my idol!
From: Shane [SMik0123@AOL.com]
I must get her NEW CD CALLED Medulla.

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